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Hybrid (also called “blended”) courses are courses where 20% or more of the traditional face-to-face classroom time is replaced by online assignments and activities.  Students spend less time in the classroom and more time working and interacting online, providing greater flexibility regarding when and where coursework can be completed.



Step 1

In PAWS, navigate to: Curriculum Management > Schedule of Classes > Schedule New Course

Enter course and term information:

Step 2On the Basic Data page, enter Class Section number and Location

The section number should be be assigned using the following number scheme:

0XX = On-campus (KENWOOD) lecture

1XX = Off-campus (OFFCAMPUS) lecture

3XX = On-campus (KENWOOD) lecture with off-campus (189) funding

Step 3Assign an 'Instruction Mode' value based on the percentage of the course that is taught via a 'technology' mode

H1 = Hybrid 20-50%

H2 = Hybrid 51-80%

H3 = Hybrid 81-99%

Step 4Enter both hybrid attributes under 'Class Attributes'
Step 5Create face-to-face meetingsIf the class does not meet face-to-face every week of the semester, multiple meeting patterns should be created in the 'Meetings' tab so that the schedule of classes is accurate and rooms scheduled optimally. Make sure that the start and end dates are the same for each additional meeting. Enter a Room Characteristic ID for every class meeting that needs a General Assignment classroom.
 Example: Meeting #1
 Example: Meeting #2

**Note** Uncheck the 'Print' boxes next to instructor names so that they only print once on the online schedule of classes

Step 5Create a class note in the 'Free Format Text' field in the 'Notes' tab:

Sample notes: "Course taught partially online. Internet access req'd. Regular UWM tuition assessed" or "Add'l special course fee of $xxx.xx will be charged for this LEC in addition to regular UWM tuition. Taught partially online, Internet access req'd."


If you have any questions on how to set up Hybrid course sections, please contact your SOC Specialist.


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