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  • Guidelines for Creating Online Course Sections
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Online courses are courses where class content is delivered completely online.  Courses that combine in-person instruction alone with an "online" delivery mode should be set up as Hybrid course sections.


Step 1

In PAWS, navigate to: Curriculum Management > Schedule of Classes > Schedule New Course

Enter the course and term information and click 'Search':

Step 2In the 'Basic Data' tab, enter Class section (section number should always begin with 2), Location, and Instruction Mode
Step 3

Enter the three online attributes under 'Class Attributes':


OFFC = SCHOOL CODE **see below**


 School Codes for OFFC attributes are as follows:

ARTS = Peck School of the Arts

BUS = Lubar School of Business

CEAS = College of Engineering

EDUC = School of Education

FRSHWTR = School of Freshwater Sciences

GLBL = Global Studies

L&S = College of Letters & Science

NURS = College of Nursing

SAHP = College of Health Sciences

SARUP = School of Architecture & Urban Planning

SOIS = School of Information Studies

SPH = Zilber School of Public Health

SW = Helen Bader School of Social Welfare

Step 4In the 'Meetings' tab, enter instructor information (if available) and Room Characteristic (95, No GA Room Needed). You may also enter "Online Web" in the Facility ID box if you'd like. The RO runs a robot to fill in the Facility ID box for all online and off campus classes, but they must have the proper coding on the Basic Data page in order for the correct code to be assigned.
Step 4In the 'Notes' tab, enter the distance education fee note (differs by school), and click 'Save'

If you have any questions on how to set up Online course sections, please contact your SOC Specialist.

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