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  • How to Use the Add New Instructor Form When Personal Information Exists in PAWS
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This new online form is a one-stop website to add any instructor, eliminating the need for the Emergency Add Form or Add Instructor option on the SOC Change Form.

Step 1: Navigate to the Instructor Add Form and log in

Step 2: Select the correct term from the drop down menu.  NOTE: If you choose a future term (the start date is more than 5 weeks away), ePanther ID is the only option you will be given.

Step 3: Choose either "ePanther ID" or "Emplid", enter the information in the box and tab out.  The instructor's information will populate.

Step 4: Choose a subject (or subjects, if they will be teaching in multiple disciplines-this is common with combined sections) and hit "Submit."  You will see a confirmation screen:


Reasons for a RejectionWhen a form is submitted, the SOC Specialists in the Registrar’s Office will receive an email alerting them to a new request.  Requests will be processed or rejected, depending on the information received.

  • Incomplete birthdate-the month, day and year must be provided in order to process a request
  • Incorrect term
  • Instructor already exists in PAWS Instructor/Advisor table
If a request is rejected, the reason will be noted in the email response.  After a request is processed, you will receive an email indicating that you may now enter the instructor into their assigned courses.
If you have any questions about using this web form, please contact your SOC Specialist
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