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Best Practices for Room Characteristic Entry

The Optimizer reads Room Characteristic entries as "and statements" meaning only a room with ALL of the characteristics entered will be considered for assignment for the section (i.e. A room with a DVD player AND a chalkboard AND moveable desks). To avoid narrowing the pool of available rooms too much, only enter the features absolutely needed for the section and specifically requested by the instructor.

See Identifying Classroom Needs for GA Rooms for more information on Room Characteristic entry.


Room CharacteristicDefinition
01 - GA Room
Enter this on all sections needing a GA room assignment. Sections without 01 entered WILL NOT BE ASSIGNED a GA room.
05 - Active LearningActive Learning rooms have a group layout and extra technology/features to promote non-traditional pedagogy.
09 - Transparency ProjectorAlso known as an Overhead Projector, a mobile device that projects information printed on a transparent sheet on a wall or screen
10 - Document Camera

Document camera projects documents or objects for demonstrations.

11 - Dual DisplayTwo screens are able to display two images at the same time.
12 - AV - DVDDVD player
13 - AV - DVD - Region FreeRegion free (able to play all DVD formats, including international) DVD player
16 - AV - Interactive DisplayInteractive display (i.e. SmartBoard)
20 - AV - Lecture CaptureTechnology available to record instruction
25 - AV - MultimediaComputer/projector and/or Interactive Display
30 - AV - Outlets at Seats

Power outlets available at each seat in room

35 - AV - VCRVCR in room for instructors who need to play VHS tapes
36 - AV - Video ConferencingVideo conferencing technology - image projection, camera, and microphones
40 - Board - ChalkChalkboard(s) in room
41 - Board - WhiteWhiteboard(s) in room
42 - Board - White, WalltalkerWalltalker floor-to-ceiling whiteboard in room.
50 - Demo - AnthroAccess to Anthropology demonstration materials in Sabin Hall is necessary for this section.
51 - Demo - Bio/GeoAccess to Biological and Geological Sciences demonstration materials in Lapham Hall is necessary for this section.
52 - Demo - ChemAccess to Chemistry demonstration materials in the Chemistry Building is necessary for this section.
53 - Demo - Physics

Access to Physics demonstration materials in the Physics Building is necessary for this section.

54 - Demo - Art HistoryAccess to Art History demonstration materials in Mitchell Hall is necessary for this section.
55 - Demo - Math ExplorationsAccess to Math Explorations demonstration materials in PHY 152 is necessary for this section.
56 - Demo - Math AtmosphereAccess to Math Atmosphere demonstration materials in EMS E169 is necessary for this section.
57 - Demo - Math 94Access to manipulatives in EMS E140, E212, or E130 for Math 94 is necessary for this section.
58 - Demo - Business SoftwareAccess to Business software that is only available on computers in Lubar Hall is necessary for this section.
60 - Floor - CarpetA room with carpeting is needed.
62 - Floor - TileA room with tile flooring is needed.
65 - Layout - HorseshoeA room with a horseshoe (U-shaped) layout is needed.
70 - Seating - Fixed SeatsFixed seats
71 - Seating - Fixed TablesFixed tables
72 - Seating - Moveable DesksMoveable tab-arm desks
73 - Seating - Moveable Tables

Moveable tables and chairs

95 - No GA Room NeededEnter this for every section that will either be placed in a department-owned room or does not need a room assignment.
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