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  • How to Use the Add New Instructor Form (no Emplid or ePanther ID)
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If an instructor is new to UWM and they do not yet have an Emplid or ePanther ID, follow these directions to get them added to PAWS.

Step 1: Navigate in PAWS to UWM IMT Applications > Relations with Institution > Active Relationships and search by first and last name to confirm that they do not yet have an Emplid or ePanther ID assigned.  If they do, follow the link to these instructions: How to use Instructor Add Form with ePanther ID or Emplid.  If there is no information available, continue following these instructions.

Step 2: Navigate to the Instructor Add Form and log in

Step 3: Choose a start term. Note: if you choose a start term that is more than 5 weeks into the future, your only option will be to enter an ePanther ID.  Choosing another term and using the No ID option will result in rejection.  Instructor profiles can only be generated within 5 weeks of the start date of a term.

Step 4: Choose the "No ID" option and enter the instructor's information and choose curricular area(s).  Use the person's legal first name, and full birth date.  Forms without this information will be rejected.

Step 5: Hit "Submit."  You will see a confirmation message.

Step 6: When you receive the confirmation email from the Registrar's Office, assign the instructor to their class in PAWS.  An overnight process will run that will generate the instructor's role as well as an ePanther ID.  Check the Active Relationships page in PAWS the next day and give the newly created ePanther ID to the instructor for activation.


When a form is submitted, the SOC Specialists in the Registrar’s Office will receive an email alerting them to a new request.  Requests will be processed or rejected, depending on the information received.
Reasons for a Rejection:
  • Incomplete birthdate-the month, day and year must be provided in order to process a request
  • Incorrect term
  • Instructor already exists in PAWS Instructor/Advisor table
If a request is rejected, the reason will be noted in the email response.  After a request is processed, you will receive an email indicating that you may now enter the instructor into their assigned courses.
If you have any questions about using this web form, please contact your SOC Specialist
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